Tote Information

“City of Portage” Tote Placement Policy

Please observe the following Policy to avoid an interruption in service.

  • Trash routes are serviced on a weekly basis. 
  • Do not place or lean any object against the tote.  
  • Do not place trash bags or other objects on top of the tote.
  • Do not place loose household trash in tote, must be bagged.
  • Do not place tote under low hanging tree branches or power lines.
  • Do not place tote near mailboxes, lamp posts, and telephone poles.
  • Do not place tote at the curb in a backwards or in a sideway position.
  • Main rule to observe, KEEP ALL objects three (3) feet from the tote.
  • Before 6:00am on your trash day, tote(s) placed at the curb or edge of property. 
  • After your tote(s) are serviced, please retrieve from the curb within 24 hours.
  • Overloaded tote service fee of $10.00 where the lid does not close.
  • Late Stop Service Fee is $25 to return (an address who has missed service.)  
  • Remember, Holidays and extreme weather events will always delay service routes.
  • To request additional totes, please complete online form or email or call (219) 762-4564.


Displayed below is an example of proper tote placement.


Tote Curb Placement