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“City of Portage” Bulk Item Policy

Each Residential unit that pays a monthly garbage collection trash fee may place bulk items outside of their “City of Portage” tote container on their first trash day (Amnesty Day) of the month for collection.  All bulk items must be reported by leaving your name, address and phone number with the Sanitation Department 24 hours before your collection by calling (219) 762-4564 or email PSD@portage-in.com .  Placing bulk items at the curb gives permission to the city for disposal. Amnesty Day pickup is allowed up to 40 square feet without a service fee.   All bulk items placed within an area of 4 feet wide X 10 feet long X 5 feet maximum height.  “BULK ITEM” definition: Any item or object located outside of your “City of Portage” tote container set at the curb, easement, or end of property for disposal. 

  • ALL personal trash cans, kitchen appliances, tables, chairs; water heaters, washers and dryers.
  • High end E-waste (TV, computers, monitors, printers, electronics) 
  • Furniture, mattress sets or dressers; Carpet/padding rolled and taped bundles five-foot length.
  • Deck wood material cut into bundles no longer than five-foot lengths, 
  • Wood fencing cut no longer than five-foot length.
  • Waste/debris from small non-permit household remodeling projects will need to be placed in large heavy duty construction type trash bags not to exceed 50lbs each. 

Special Note: TIRES, Hazardous waste, Grass clippings, common earth dirt, sod, sand, stone, landscape blocks, river rock, cinder blocks, bricks, asphalt, concrete, or roofing shingles are NOT allowed in toters and are NOT allowed as bulk items. These items cannot be disposed of through city services.

If you are exceeding your “City of Portage” tote in household trash, you may request additional totes for your residence by contacting our department office and completing a request form.  The cost of a third tote is half the amount of the regular trash fee per month and a minimum of a one-year obligation.  Property owners with delinquent balances on the Utility bills will be denied extra totes until balance is paid in full.   Other rules that apply are the following:

  • Required building city permitted remodeling / construction projects require on-site dumpsters.  Such debris material cannot be disposed of through city services. 
  • Bulk items placed out for collection at the curb on a non-Amnesty Day of the month totaling 40 square feet or less have a minimum service fee charged to the owner. 
  • Bulk items placed at the curb at any time during the calendar month exceeding the 40 square foot rule have a minimum service fee of $100.00 or more charged to the owner. 
  • Update FEE SCHEDULE will be posted upon City Council approval.

Established Policy: 2013/March & Last Updated: 2024/January  

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