A city engineer provides technical assistance, guidance, and expertise for many City Boards and Departments. The City Engineer serves in the following capacities:

  • Engineer for the Board of Public Works and Safety
  • Engineer for the Plan Commission
  • Engineer for the Port Authority
  • Engineer for the Redevelopment Commission
  • Engineer for the Utility Service Board
  • Traffic Engineer

City of Portage engineering duties include:

  • Conducting traffic studies, drainage, and sanitary studies
  • Design, manage and inspect city construction projects
  • Grant development and administration
  • Inspect private developer construction projects
  • Issue Right-of-Way cut permits
  • Manage consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors
  • Obtain permits from governmental entities such as IDNR, IDEM, and the USCOE
  • Reviewing site and subdivision plans for adequacy and accuracy